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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Good Reads: Sexuality, Gender, and Feminism

Jessica Valenti celebrates Jennifer Lawrence's public response to the theft of her photos, and a couple more articles on the same topic:
  • "Jennifer Lawrence's Outraged Response to Nude Photo Leak Marks an End to the Era of the 'Shamed Starlet'" (The Guardian, via AlterNet)
  • "Jennifer Lawrence Says Don’t Look At The Pictures" (Thomas MacAulay Millar, Yes Means Yes)
  • "Jennifer Lawrence Does Not Owe Us" (Thomas MacAulay Millar, Yes Means Yes)
An interesting article on how people respond when their other-sex spouses come out as gay:
  • "How Straight Spouses Cope When Their Partners Come Out" (Christine Grimaldi, Slate Outward)
More articles on affirmative consent:
  • "Yes Means Yes Culture of Consent Catches On" (Tanya Serisier, Good Men Project)
  • "No, California’s new affirmative consent law will not redefine most sex as rape" (Maya, Feministing
For people who don't understand what male privilege is:
  • "Why I Refuse To Be One Of `The Good Guys'" (Charlie Glickman, Role Reboot)

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