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Friday, October 31, 2014

Good Reads: Feminism, Sexuality, Relationships

You may already have seen the post on HuffPo on which this is based, since it went viral. This is her husband's side of the story. It's about honesty and feelings and love and woundedness, and it is very much worth reading.
  • "My Wife Told Me She Wants To Cheat: Here's How I Feel" (Nige Atkinson, Good Men Project)
I had no idea that it's completely legal to fire people for what they do privately in their sex lives. But apparently it is:
  • "Can You Really Be Fired For Being Kinky? Absolutely." (Jillian Keenan, Slate Outward)
Probably seen this one:
  • "The Problem With That Catcalling Video" (Hanna Rosin, Slate XX
(No, I won't link to the video itself.) But maybe not this one:
  • "What My Wife Taught Me About Street Harrassment" (Damon Young, Good Men Project)
There's other good discussion about that out there, but I forgot to keep the links!


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