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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yet More About Consent

Kind of basic stuff here, but worth reading. The nice point is that one doesn't have to go so far as to satisfy the legal definition of rape to violate consent in a way that does harm.
  • "Coerced Consent: When 'Yes' Really Means 'No'" (Harris O'Malley, Good Men Project)
This one is thought-provoking. I won't even try to say what it's about. Probably, as she suggests, men shouldn't read it.
  • "Consent Is Way More Complicated For Women Than Just 'Yes Means Yes'" (Samantha Eyler, Role Reboot)
Back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  • "6 Myths About 'Yes Means Yes'" (Soraya Chemaly, Role Reboot)
  • "Neutral Evil: The Problem With Refusing To Decide" (Thomas MacAulay Millar, Yes Means Yes)
Which means we should remind ourselves again why people have a problem with this.

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