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Discussions of Philosophy Rankings

    This page aggregates various discussions of philosophy rankings, primarily the Philosophical Gourmet Report, but many of the issues are more general.

    If you know of other such resources, please let me know, by email.
    • Mitchell Aboulafia, "Thinking Outside the Box (or, A Real Alternative to Rankings)" (blog post
    • Mitchell Aboulafia, "Leiter Posts Response to Criticism of Rankings—A Response to the Response" (blog post)
    • Mitchell Aboulafia, "The Dog Ate My (Philosophical Gourmet) Report" (blog post)
    • Mitchell Aboulafia, "An Open Letter to Prospective Evaluators for the 2014-2015 Philosophical Gourmet Report" (New APPS)
    • Jon Cogburn, "What Now With the Philosophical Gourmet Report?" (blog post
    • Gabriele Contessa, "How Leiterism Can Be Bad For You" (blog post)
    • Zachary Ernst, "Our Naked Emperor" (PDF)
    • Andrew Gelman, "Controversy about a ranking of philosophy departments, or How should we think about statistical results when we can’t see the raw data?" (blog post)
    • Kieran Healy did a series of blog posts analyzing the PGR data set, but I will not link to those, as they are on Leiter's blog, and I am boycotting it.
    • Richard Heck, "About the Philosophical Gourmet Report" (web page
    • Leigh M. Johnson, "Archive of the Meltdown" (blog post  and timeline)
      • Jennifer Saul, "Ranking Exercises in Philosophy and Implicit Bias", Journal of Social Philosophy 43 (2012), pp. 256-73 (Wiley Online, PDF)
        • Julie Van Camp, "Female-Friendly Departments: A Modest Proposal for Picking Graduate Programs in Philosophy", APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy 3 (2004), pp. 116-20 (Original Version, 2014 Update)
        • Bharath Vallabha, "The Function of the Philosophical Gourmet Report" (PDF)
        • Brian Weatherson, "After the PGR" (blog post)
          • Gregory Wheeler, "Manufactured Assent: The Philosophical Gourmet Report’s Sampling Problem" (blog post, with links to many other articles on the same site)
            • "More on the Educational Imbalance within the PGR Evaluator Pool" (blog post)
            • "Two Reasons for Abolishing the PGR" (blog post)
            • "Logic for Lunatics" (blog post, which isn't directly about PGR, but speaks to larger issues about blog culture) 
          •  Jessica Wilson (Facebook post)