Monday, September 29, 2014

Best Site For News on the Current Leiter Controversy

Leigh Johnson has been aggregating stories and blog posts from around the net on her blog. Not everything is there, but there's probably something you haven't seen.

And, apparently, we are all at code red again.


  1. Here's a few from my blog that have been cited at Philosophy Smoker, in the Chronicle comments, and a few other places in the continental blogosphere, but not Johnson's home-page:

    “Some Thoughts on the Recent Leiter Imbroglio” ( )

    “‘Recent Events Involving Brian Leiter’ Webpage Up” ( )

    “What Now with the Philosophical Gourmet Report?” ( )

    "Brian Leiter once posted someone else's private e-mail (hat-tip Sean L.C.)" ( )

    1. Thanks, Jon. I assume you sent these to Johnson?

    2. I'll assume you caught the implicature, then...

    3. No implicature. I'm doing my best to catch everything, but there *is* a lot and I've tried to avoid redundancies.

    4. @Jon: just finished today's update. Went back and added your 9/24 post.

    5. I meant the implicature for Jon: i.e;, that he should send you the links.

      Thanks, Leigh, for everything you are doing.

    6. Ah, my mistake! And I thank you for this post, Richard. Hope we have the opportunity to meet in person soon.

  2. I was personally "ranked" by Professor Leiter:
    I wrote a reply in the form of an open letter as I feel that monologues should be contested and resisted:


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