Tuesday, September 30, 2014

500 Signatures!!

The number of signatories of the September Statement, all of whom are declining to offer their services to the Philosophical Gourmet Report until and unless Brian Leiter ends his control of it, has grown to over five hundred (counting the original 21 signatories). [UPDATE (later that night): And now not even counting those.]

If you're late to this party: This is not about the Gourmet Report as such; it's a response to a long-standing pattern of behavior which many of us have (finally) decided we are no longer willing to tolerate. The Gourmet Report is one significant source of the power that allows Leiter to act as he has without any consequence for himself. So we have decided that we cannot, with good conscience, support the Gourmet Report, so long as it remains the "Leiter Report".

For those of you who think this is somehow about something else, I invite you to peruse the list of signatories. Look like a bunch of party line right-wing feminazi continentalist PGR-haters to you?

For more news, see here.

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